How To Bulk Edit Variant Prices in Shopify, Schedule Discounts

updated on 22 March 2023


If you run a Shopify store, you will likely want to bulk update your prices at some point. Maybe you want to run a sale on schedule, or simply make a correction to your pricing.

But if you have a lot of products, updating all the prices by hand can be very time-consuming, especially if you want to revert the changes after your sale ends. So to do this, we recommend using our app QuickEdit - Bulk Product Edit to easily bulk edit the prices, and revert them later if you want.

Getting started

First, install the app from the Shopify app store.

Once the app is installed, click "Create bulk edit" to start the process of creating the bulk edit task.


Next, select "Product Variant" for the item type to edit.

Now choose which products/variants to edit by adding conditions. There are a few different options for conditions, but they should all be pretty self-explanatory, so they won't be covered in this tutorial.


After adding the conditions, go down to the actions section, click "Add action", then click and choose "Variant price" for the field to edit.

There are different ways you can choose to edit the price.
There are different ways you can choose to edit the price.

Next, choose what kind of edit to perform. For example, to create a 10% off sale, choose "Decrease by percentage". To round the changed prices, add a second action with the type "Round decimal to nearest", and enter "0.99" or whatever you want the decimal to be.

Add a second action to round the decimal if you wish.
Add a second action to round the decimal if you wish.

As long as the compare at price is greater than the price, it will show up as a sale. So to change the pricing without making a sale, add another action to set the compare at price equal to the new price. This will ensure that the product does not show up as discounted.


Running the bulk edit

Once the conditions and actions are set up correctly, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

In the popup, type a name for the task so you can identify it later. You can also choose whether to schedule the task, schedule a revert or repeat, or run it immediately. Keep in mind task scheduling is a paid feature, so you will need to upgrade your plan first to enable this.

Click "Confirm", and then click "Run bulk edit" on the next confirmation popup.


The task should now be started, so go to the task history page to see its progress. It shouldn't take too long for less than a few hundred products, but it may take several minutes in some cases. Once a task starts the editing process, it can't be stopped. If you need to cancel it, wait for it to finish and then revert it.

Once the task finishes, you can revert if necessary, run again, or edit and create a new task.



If the task finishes without making any changes, then either no changes were needed, or the conditions didn't match anything. Double-check all your conditions and selected options, and try again.

Debugging tip: Pick a product you want to be edited, and examine each of the applicable fields while trying to think step-by-step about whether it's meeting all the conditions, whether any text/HTML-to-find will match with the chosen options (if applicable), and what each action is doing exactly.

If you exceed the current plan limits, the task will fail and you will be asked to upgrade your plan.  

If the task fails with a server error, wait a bit and try again. Contact us if the issue persists. It might be a temporary issue with Shopify, or with our servers.


That's it! We know you have an amazing business, and we hope our app helped you make it better. Please consider leaving a review in the Shopify app store to show your appreciation! (seriously, it means a lot 😀)

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